CE Marking Consultant in Mumbai

CE Mark Certification by Ikon Consultancy Services

The CE Mark is the manufacturers guarantee that their product adheres to all the relevant directives and standards that are used to determine compliance.

It is therefore important to ensure the product fully complies with all relevant directives, legislation and codes of practice within your industry.

The advantage of the CE mark is that it ensures free movement of goods throughout Europe and proves that the product complies with the relevant requirements of the European Community.

Of course, the biggest difficulties are in knowing:

  • Which directives apply to the products?
  • Which standards apply
  • How to confirm compliance
  • Who to contact

Compliance with European Directives

The ‘New Approach’ Directives set out essential requirements, in general terms, which must be met before you can sell your products in Europe.

Published standards set out the technical details, and these are used to assess and test products to show that they meet the essential requirements in the Directive.

As well as ATEX, other prominent directives include:

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC Directive)

The design and construction of all electrical and electronic equipment to ensure that they do not cause, or are not unduly affected by electromagnetic interference.

Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

The design and construction of all electrical equipment to ensure that it does not jeopardise the safety of people, domestic animals and property.

Machinery Directive

Any necessary research of tests on components, fittings or the completed machinery or safety components to determine, whether by its design or construction, the machine is capable of being erected and put into service safely.

Manufacturers who need to comply with the Machinery Directive must also ensure that a technical file is stored at a location within the EU. Atlantic Management Consultant provides storage services for those clients outside of the EU, which ensure manufacturers can comply with the Directive.