Online ISO Consultancy in Mumbai

Online ISO Consultancy by Ikon Consultancy Services

We, at IKON CONSULTANCY SERVICES in Mumbai India, offer online consultancy as an additional service to enable our global customers to reach us and gain our quality assistance, all online. Quality Experts may not be available all the time in-house. Online consultancy provides direct access to experienced consultants. Our experts shall respond to your queries and shall assist in the preparation of your manuals and in other services on demand. The payment shall be made through draft or cheque or as agreed upon. The fee depends on the type of service demanded from us.

Providers of advice and consultancy and recipients of consultancy services can ascertain the nature of the problem plus the knowledge, experience, competency and appropriateness of the consultant and the advice offered.

Quality efforts in your business will evolve various types of documents - It is important to document all that you do and do what you document and also prove that you are doing it. Good documentation is to keep clear, concise and user-friendly documents.

Management should clearly decide upon structure and format of the documentation needed to support the Quality Management System. The nature and extent of documentation should depend upon and meet the needs of the organization. The flexible approach of the standard should enhance the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the system.

We assist you in preparing all these documents, to suit the needs of your Organization. Each document has a structure and a procedure to follow : We can either train individuals in your organization to do your documentation or assist you by preparing the documents by getting the inputs from you. The various documents can be reviewed by the authorities and if corrective actions need to be taken, the documents can be corrected and verified again. Our consultants have been assisting various companies dealing with various products, So we will be able to better guide you in preparing your manuals.