On-site ISO Consultancy in Mumbai

On-site ISO Consultancy by Ikon Consultancy Services

At IKON CONSULTANCY SERVICES in Mumbai India, we offer total consultancy to our clients. We have well experienced consultants who can visit your site, analyze the requirements and provide consultancy.

Our consultation includes the following services:

System Analysis / Gap Analysis

  • In-Depth Analysis of existing Quality System
  • Comparison with System Requirements of ISO Existing Quality System
  • Comparison with System Requirements of ISO 9001 / NABH requirements
  • Identify weak and strong areas
  • Identify systems which require to be introduced/modified
  • Preparation Of a report covering the above

Project Planning

  • Preparation of Project Work Planner
  • Preparation of Responsibility Matrix
  • Assist Management in setting up a Steering Committee
  • Assist Management in choosing a Management Representative

In-House Training on Awareness

  • Awareness - Half day course for Top Management
  • Awareness - One day course for Staff

Training Courses - Auditing

  • Internal Quality Audit - Two days course for selected auditors

Consultancy Support During Documentation

  • Preparation of draft of level 1 Quality System Manual
  • Assist assigned company in-personnel, in preparing /modifying Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms (Level 2,3 and 4)
  • Review of prepared documents
  • Assist in formal release of documents

Consultancy Support During Implementation

  • Interact with company personnel and assist in understanding the prepared documents
  • Support in smooth implementation
  • Training personnel on newly introduced/modified system elements
  • Assistance in modifying documents based on feedback from implementation

Consultancy Support During Internal Audits

  • Assistance to MR in preparing an annual audit plan
  • Guidance to plan
  • Guidance to selected auditors to perform the audits and prepare reports
  • Guidance to the head of departments to propose and implement corrective action
  • Assistance in conducting management review meeting

System Fine Tuning

  • Assistance in modifying (If required) the documents based on feedback from internal audits.
  • Review documents prior to submission to the certification body (For Adequacy audit)

Pre Audit

  • Prepare the company for the final certification audit by conducting pre-audit (rehearsal)
  • Assist in carrying out the necessary corrective actions based on the results of pre and adequacy audits