Machine Calibration AMC Contract in Mumbai

Instrument Calibration by Ikon Consultancy Services

Instrument Calibration AMC Contract

we are undertaking the repair /Servicing and maintenance (A.M.C.) job for all laboratory Testing & Measuring instruments in R & D Labs, testing equipments in house Labs.


We Provide calibration Services traceable to NABL & NPL For Following Instruments. (with On Site Calibration Facility any where in India)

  • Length Measurement
    Vernier Calipers/ Slip Gauges/ Screw Gauges/ Scales / Meter Tape/ Height Gauges
  • Mass (Weight) Measurement
    Weighing Balances/ Weight Box / Dead Weights/ Bullion Weights / Yarn Tension Meter / Load Cells.
  • Temperature Measurement
    Temp. Indicators / Thermometers / Temp. Gauges / Oven / Furnaces / Launderometer / HTHP M/C / Glycerin Bath / Stenter M/C
  • Pressure Measurement
    Pressure Gauges in Bar, mmwc, kg/cm² / Vacuum Gauges / Bursting Tester
  • Humidity Measurement
    Hygrometer / Humidity Cabinet
  • Light Intensity Measurement
    Colour Matching Cabinet / Light Fastness Tester / LUX Measurement Reports
  • Elongation & Compression Measurement
    Tensile Strength Tester / Lee Strength Tester / Single Yarn Tester / Load Cells / CSP System / UTM Tester.