ISO Maintenance Program in Mumbai

ISO Maintenance Program by Ikon Consultancy Services

Once you have achieved your registration / certification / accreditation, you must maintain your program. The most cost-effective, efficient and worry-free way to do this is to have Stellar do the work for you. We can also take up regular reviews on a monthly basis.

Our comprehensive Maintenance Programmes is tailored to your individual situation.

  • Review Current Documentation
  • Interview Staff to ascertain changes
  • Correct and Update Documentation as needed
  • Internal Audits prior to Surveillance Audits
  • Consulting during Surveillance Audits
  • Responding to Non-conformance Reports

Under our Maintenance Programme, a Ikon consultant can visit your facility twice a year, 6 to 8 weeks before each Surveillance Audit to review and update documentation, interview staff to ascertain changes and even conduct internal audits, if you so desire.

This very objective and totally unbiased examination of your Management System is very objective and totally unbiased examination of your Management System puts you in an ideal position to pass Surveillance Audits.

Hospital accreditation is given by NABH.

In addition, a Ikon consultant will be present on site during your Surveillance Audits. This consultant will file all corrective action reports and deliver them to the auditor before their departure, while making required documentation changes.This avoids review delays and dramatically expedites the surveillance process.

Our continuous maintenance programme is less expensive than having a full-time employee committed to the standards initiative. We are professionals at what we do. We can make changes swiftly and adroitly to accommodate the requirements.